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Our Vision

Tambora is a foundation working for the well-being and re-construction of children's identity in the Colombian territory. Traditional and ancestral arts such as drumming, music, dance and singing, are the pillars that support the history of many towns, villages and its traditions. .


Tambora Foundation seeks to rescue and re-teach ancient artistic traditions that involves music, dance, singing and other traditional forms of art like weaving and cloth making through a process of investigation and documentation in different areas around the Colombian territory. With the aim of contributing our support to the cultural process of re-evaluation and re-birth of the concepts of “what we are”, Tambora will preserve a living memory/identity that will remind us the importance of working together with and for the Mother Earth, starting from our children, the seeds of the new time.


Ancestral wisdom and traditions in Colombia have been safely kept over the centuries by “wise elders” from different regions, they have gladly survived to the hard and painful memory of the Colony which has leaved them nearly lost in the past. Loosing the guardians of this Sacred knowledge is to loose an invaluable source of wisdom which is facing extinction by the hand of the internal war between paramilitars and guerillas in Colombia. Supporting the re-birth of a lost identity will hopefully become an inspiration for the modern cities or as the KOGUIS (Indigenous from the Sierra Nevada in the North of Colombia) would call, “The Younger Brothers”. Teaching our children is rescuing our future!

TAMBORA "Colombia/UK"

Tambora Foundation is based in Bristol/UK and is soon to have a branch in Bogotá/Colombia. Tambora also shares and teaches Colombian traditions to the children in England as one of the main objectives is to create a cultural exchange between both territories.

*Tambora gives and especial focus to the different traditional forms of healing that has served communities over the years as their vertebra to unite them and to co-exist within the environment.

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Tambora is the name of one of the most representative drums from the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, place where the Spanish Colony took over, and gave birth to a new generation created by the mixture of Indigenous people mixed with African slaves and later on with European.

The mixture of Indigenous Indians from the North of Colombia with African slaves and then European conquers broght to life a new race and with it, the new cities began to grow into what we know today as "Modern Cities". Unfortunately these cities have a lack of identity and have created in people a strong desire to look like or to be like other more technologicaly developed Countries. This confusion is hidding the core of their roots. help us to rescue them!

The song "The Wish Fulfilling Tree" by Anthar Kharana is the symbol of Tambora Foundation and also represents the brotherhood between Tambora and Gesar Foundation, a Tibetan Buddhist Foundation for children in the world.

May all children smile and benefit with your kindness!

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About Traditions

We are still waiting the Sacred Plants our Ancesters tought us with, meanwhile we cannot waste time, because this time is Sacred. - Abuela Muidokuri, Huitoto Muinane Tribe, Colombian Amazons.

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