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Seeds of Life in Danger

The roots of ancestral traditions and remarkable wisdom of many of the important tribes in Colombia have been seriously damaged, and in some cases nearly destroyed, by the time passing and also with the internal social-politic war between Paramilitary forces and Guerrillas.

This situation has unfortunately forced some of the tribes to go out of their ancient lands with no other option more that seeking to be alive, ending on the streets of big cities that have proven to offer no viable solutions to the problem, therefore becoming part of the growing “community” of Displaced by the War people.

This sad reality is harming many Indigenous children that have been taken away from their traditional ways of learning and as the keepers of their own culture, this situation puts a valuable and yet needed example of life and co-existence with Nature in high danger.

La canción "El Arbol de los Deseos" por Anthar Kharana es el simbolo emblema de Tambora Foundation y asi mismo el resultado de la hermandad entre Tambora y Gesar foundation (fundacion Budista Tibetana para niños en el mundo)

Que todos los niños sonrian gracias a tu compasión!



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About Traditions

We are still waiting the Sacred Plants our Ancesters tought us with, meanwhile we cannot waste time, because this time is Sacred. - Abuela Muidokuri, Huitoto Muinane Tribe, Colombian Amazons.

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