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Tambora Foundation has its base in England but its been created by Colombian minds together with European hearts with a big desire to trigger change.

There are different plan in development to create ways of help and support, one of the most vital ones is the creation of cultural events and fund-raising which helps to expand the consciousness in other countries about the indigenous situation in Colombia.

The events include documentary screening, music workshops (drum, dance, voice, weaving, etc...) Community food, concerts that involve not only well known Colombian artists but also artist that support different cultural aspects in Latin-America and the world with their gifts and knowledge. therefore, the intention of these events will be to create spaces with a sense of community and acknowledgement to the values of it.

In the first stage of the process, the funds are use to support small groups that are already "weaving" this cultural re-construction. In Colombia, Small organizations and/or NGO's hasn't got government support in general but in the other hand they have great energy and courage to re-build. Hence, with Tambora and with your help! we can create a solution based in conscious actions.


La canción "El Arbol de los Deseos" por Anthar Kharana es el simbolo emblema de Tambora Foundation y asi mismo el resultado de la hermandad entre Tambora y Gesar foundation (fundacion Budista Tibetana para niños en el mundo)

Que todos los niños sonrian gracias a tu compasión!



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About Traditions

We are still waiting the Sacred Plants our Ancesters tought us with, meanwhile we cannot waste time, because this time is Sacred. - Abuela Muidokuri, Huitoto Muinane Tribe, Colombian Amazons.

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